2014 Awards and Recognition Program

1.  “Volunteer Membership Achievement Awards” - Each county will receive a County Membership Plaque to recognize the county for membership gained through volunteer membership workers. The county will receive a choice of gifts based on volunteer referral points.  Each volunteer referred new member equals one point and example of logo items are: Table cloth for 5 points or two stand up banners  for  35 points.

County logo items for festivals and event awards can be purchased or earned by county.  County earns one point for each volunteer referred new member for items.

                                       Banner 8x3 @ $7 ft2 – est $170 = or 20 points

                        Pop up tent (non commercial)  est $175 plus shipping or 25 points.  

                                                Table Cloth – est $50 or 5 points 

                                  FB Folding Chairs (wt 350 lbs)  est  $50 or 7 points. 

                                           Attraction Wheel – est $200 or 25 points 

                        Two Stand up Banners $290 which is $100 less than cost or 35 points.  

Total package $935 plus shipping or 117 point for one of each item.

 2“Awards for Volunteer Membership Workers” - South Carolina Farm Bureau provides the following awards for volunteer workers for signing up new members.  For each five (5) new members signed, the volunteer worker receives a $50 award. Volunteer workers are responsible for providing names of new members to the Lead County Secretary.  (The new member referral must be noted on the membership database, county secretary entering the referral information when membership payment is received or when a member signs up online and enters the referral name.)

Volunteer leaders that have five (5) or more new member referrals will be eligible for a chance of an additional gift at the annual convention.  Ten items will be awarded to ten volunteers by drawing, each 5 referral equals one ticket.  i.e. refer 10 new members and receive two tickets for the drawing. 

3.  “Awards for Lead County Secretary”  - The top two County Secretaries for each of the four districts  that work to encourage volunteer members to work retention and are successful in this work will be awarded.  The top two counties in each district with the highest retention rates will receive an award.  Retention will be calculated out to three decimal places to determine the winners and 2013 referrals need to exceed the county retention rate.  (No entry form required; based on total membership retention for the year and 2013 referral retention)

                                                       1st Place…$200     2nd Place…$100   

 4.  “Awards for County Secretary Signing New Members– South Carolina Farm Bureau provides the following award for County Secretaries for signing up new member who joins initially without an insurance purchase and for a period of three (3) weeks not purchasing an insurance product.  For each five (5) new members signed, the County Secretary worker receives a $50 award.  (Referrals are entered on the membership file)

5.   “Awards for Service Agents” -  For Service Agents writing the most new farmer members during the year, the South Carolina Farm Bureau provides the following awards.  A minimum of five (5) farmer members must be written to qualify. Each agent writing five (5) new farmer members with a farm policy will receive $50 (See reporting note below.) Top agent in each district wins an additional $100.

6.  "Email addresses on the membership database" as of June 30th, 2014. The county with the highest percentage of memberships with email addresses will receive $500 to be used for an office celebration; lead secretary presents the plan.  i.e cost of food, door prizes, etc.  If email contest is successful, additional challenges will be forthcoming.                                   

REPORTING NOTE:  Entries submitted by counties need to be entered into the membership database at the time of new referrals.  The final year report will run in the morning of October 1, 2014, for the period ending September 30, 2014.

7. Young Farmer and Rancher Achievement Award - The top Farm Bureau Young Farmers and Ranchers between the ages of 18 and 35 will be selected by a group of judges from three state finalists.  The award will consist of an appropriate plaque plus transportation, lodging and reasonable allowance for meals and expenses to attend the upcoming AFBF Convention. The grand prize for the state winner is a GMC Truck, compliments of Southern Farm Bureau Casualty Insurance Company.  A plaque will be placed in the South Carolina Farm Bureau Federation office listing the winner each year.  The three state finalists will receive an appropriate plaque and $1,000 compliments of Southern Farm Bureau Casualty Insurance Company.

8.  Young Farmer and Rancher Discussion Meet”- This is available to Young Farmers and Ranchers between the ages of 18 and 35.  The winner will take home a Bad Boy Buggies UTV, compliments of Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company.  The winner will also receive an expense paid trip to the American Farm Bureau Convention and compete for a GMC Truck.  All participants will receive a cash award and one free night’s hotel stay in Myrtle Beach, compliments of the SC Farm Bureau Federation.

 9.  Young Farmer and Rancher Excellence in Agriculture  Award”- This is available to Young Farmers and Ranchers between the ages of 18 and 35 who do not derive the majority of their income from an owned agricultural operation, but who actively contribute to agriculture and grow through their involvement in Farm Bureau.  The candidates will be judged by both a written and oral presentation. The top three applicants will be invited to the SCFB Annual Meeting in Myrtle Beach where they will compete for the state award.  These three applicants will be given one night complimentary hotel stay while there.  The state winner will receive a Bad Boy Buggies UTV, compliments of Bad Bay Buggies  and an expense paid trip to the AFBF Annual Meeting to compete for a GMC Truck.  Southern Farm Bureau provides a $500 cash award to each of the 3 state finalists. 

10. County Women Leadership Activity Award – Certificates will be awarded to each county Women Leadership Committee that scores a minimum of 90 on the Women Leadership’s Activity Award Application. 

11. County Young Farmer and Rancher Activity Award– Certificates will be awarded to each county Young Farmer and Rancher Committee that scores a minimum of 90 on the Young Farmer and Rancher Committee’s Activity Award Application. 

12.  Outstanding Educator Award”- The nominee must have designated and implemented a lesson/unit/project about the food and fiber industry within the last school year (August-May).  There is no membership requirement to apply.  The winner will receive a one-night expense paid trip to the SCFB Annual Convention and a $500 cash award.

 13.  “County Performance Award” – County outstanding performance for the year will be recognized annually at the Awards Program during the Annual Meeting.  The counties will be evaluated based on their level of activities in the categories of Organization, Legislation and Education.  Counties that score a minimum of 90 on the County Performance Award application will be recognized and will receive a certificate of accomplishment.  Awards will also be presented during the Awards program to one county in each District that shows the most improvement over the previous year. The time frame for the award is October 1st through September 30th.  County Performance Award applications are due in the state office by 5:00 p.m. on October 15th.

 14.  Distinguished Service Award”- This is the highest award given within the SCFB organization and is awarded each year during the annual meeting.  It is presented to one or more Farm Bureau members whose untiring service to the organization, his or her community, and to agriculture, has uniquely qualified him or her for this high honor.  A selection committee, which is composed of recipients from the previous three years, is responsible for selecting a candidate(s).  County Farm Bureaus are asked to submit nominees for consideration.   The nominee application(s) should be in the state office no later than June 15 of each year.