About Us

SC Farm Bureau is a family-oriented federation of 47 county chapters - an active organization led by volunteer grassroots farmer members.

We represent all South Carolina farmers and farm land owners. We serve the entire agricultural community through education and a unified voice in government for the benefit of everyone, since agriculture is an integral part of our state and all of our lives.

We believe in tradition and heritage as we respect the rights of people, their property and their religion. We value our grassroots and family orientation and pride ourselves on being good neighbors and good citizens of South Carolina.

We’re committed to portraying our organization as a strong voice of agriculture in South Carolina and are committed to providing our members with thorough representation and quality services. We are   committed to meeting the challenges of an ever-changing and dynamic industry in the years ahead.

Our mission is to promote agricultural interests in the State of South Carolina and to optimize the lives of those involved in agriculture while being respectful to the needs and concerns of all citizens in our state.