Campaign Management School


November 11 & 12, 2013


To help candidates for public office, whether veteran office holders or first-time participants, plan and execute successful political campaigns.

Target Group
The seminar is designed for candidates for public office, their spouses and their campaign managers and other individuals who may be interested in seeking elected public office at some future time. We encourage, where possible, the candidate, his or her spouse and campaign manager to attend and work as a team.

About the School
The Campaign Management Training School was developed by the American Farm Bureau Federation with the input from political consultants and staff of both political parties. Videos, graphics, case studies and computer technology have been developed to assist in the presentation of the school. This will allow participants the opportunity to have meaningful, hands-on experience and to test techniques, tools and methods.

Limited Enrollment
To allow the individual attention, enrollment will be limited to a total of twenty-four people.

Participant Fee
A fee is charged to help cover the cost of materials, equipment, break refreshments and meals. It does not include overnight lodging.

Candidate (Non-FB Members)


Candidate (Farm Bureau Members)


Campaign Manager


Spouse (without candidate)


Spouse (with candidate)

$ 25

(Fees includes meals, breaks and materials)
* Includes Farm Bureau Membership

We will be happy to provide you with a list of hotels nearby.

More Information
Contact Beverly Sease (803) 936-4215.

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