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SC Farm Bureau Beef Committee Urges

“YES” Vote on Upcoming Check-Off Referendum

Cayce, SC - The South Carolina Farm Bureau Federation Beef Advisory Committee encourages beef producers to vote YES on the Beef Check-Off referendum in September to increase the Beef Check-Off amount by 50 cents – from $1 to $1.50. 

“The Check-Off amount has remained constant for more than 25-years, even though there have been many changes in consumer trends and production practices. Currently, 50 cents goes to the national Check-Off and 50 cents stays in South Carolina for local beef promotion” said York County beef producer and committee chair Dickie Harper.

Harper said, “If passed, the additional 50 cents will remain in South Carolina to enhance our beef industry through programs like SC youth programs, consumer education, marketing promotions, producer education, research, and more. It’s time for beef producers to make an increased investment in their future and in the future of our beef industry.”

Between September 1 and September 12, 2014 a ballot will be mailed to all South Carolina beef producers from the South Carolina Department of Agriculture.  The ballot will include the producer’s name and the estimated number of cattle they own. This information will remain confidential within the SC Department of Ag.

The referendum will pass with YES votes from either:

·       a majority of the producers and more than 66 percent of the cattle they represent, or

·       more than 66 percent of the producers and more than 50 percent of the cattle represented

Beef producers who do not receive a ballot before Sept 1 are advised to check with their local Clemson Extension office. Additional questions about the referendum may be addressed to Roy Copelan, Executive Director of the SC Cattlemen's Association, or 803-734-9806.

If the referendum passes, and for any reason producers feel they cannot or do not wish to pay the additional Check-Off amount, they may receive a refund of the additional 50 cents through a written request within 30 days of the cattle sales transaction.

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