Other Services

Commodity Advisory Committees

Seventeen South Carolina Farm Bureau Commodity Advisory Committees provide farmers and ranchers opportunities to discuss and recommend solutions to problems affecting their particular commodity or special interests.

South Carolina Farmer Magazine

South Carolina Farmer Magazine, a quarterly members' publication, features attractive images and enlightening articles about South Carolina agriculture.

Marketing Association

SCFB Marketing Association provides marketing services in Anderson and Williamsburg (Kingstree) counties.


Contact your county Farm Bureau to join in grassroots programs.  Support the efforts with financial contributions to Friends of Farm Bureau to:
  • Impact law-making processes to benefit farmers and the welfare of our nation.
  • Gain representation at local, state, and national levels.
  • Recommend policies to the state organization  through Advisory Committees.
  • Work to solve problems relating to various commodities grown in South Carolina.


Natural Resource Services, LLC


Farm Bureau members receive a 20% discount on environmental and regulatory services and assistance.

  • State agricultural permits
  • Manure broker permits
  • Transfer of ownership
  • On-farm assessments
  • Construction storm water permits
  • Computerized mapping of farms and fields
  • Consultation regarding hunting and/or fishing lease agreements
  • Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) plan

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For more information, contact Bill McMeekin at 803.360.3954 or womcmeekin@gmail.com