January 11, 2013

Farm Bills Protect the U.S. Food Supply


“Farm Bills Protect the U.S. Food Supply,” a letter to the editor by American Farm Bureau Federation President Bob Stallman, appeared in Wednesday’s edition of the Washington Post.


“Robert J. Samuelson [“Plow under the farm subsidies” op-ed, Jan. 7] missed the mark in not understanding that farm bills are written not for the good times but for when farmers need help the most,” Stallman wrote. He also noted, “When Mother Nature strikes, such as with last year’s extreme drought, both farmers and consumers feel it.” And Stallman went on to point out that while crop insurance and farm programs help mitigate the economic impact on farmers, an indirect benefit to consumers is a stable food supply, and other farm-bill provisions provide nutrition assistance to those in need.


The full text of the letter is available online.


Washington Post letter to the editor



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