January 25, 2013

Farm Bureau Committee to Discuss Dairy Issues

As the state’s largest non-profit general farm organization, the South Carolina Farm Bureau Federation (SCFB) appoints a number of commodity advisory committees to help guide the Federation on key agricultural and environmental issues that help direct the Federation’s grassroots lobbying efforts to preserve and protect the work of family farmers, sustain locally grown food and fiber, and support rural lifestyles.
A discussion will be held today among members of the SCFB dairy advisory committee to talk about American Farm Bureau policies and other issues of importance to the dairy industry. Members of this committee are family farmers and operate dairies that produce milk for sale as a raw commodity as well as producers of pasteurized milk.
SCFB advisory committees do not implement policies. Instead, they simply advise the SCFB board of directors on decisions the organization should make relative to the commodities they represent. Their advice is discussed by the SCFB executive committee and full board of directors before it becomes part of the organization’s annual plan of work.

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