March 08, 2013

Clemson Announces New Option for Sending Samples to the Lab

Dr. Tim Cushing, Director of Clemson Veterinary Diagnostic Center (CVDC), announces the availability of a new option for clients of CVDC to send samples to the lab. Preprinted FedEx shipping labels can now be provided to those clients wishing to ship diagnostic samples to CVDC.  Use of these shipping labels will allow for quick delivery from your clinic to the lab and also allow clients to benefit CVDC’s new state contract rates with FedEx as a high volume shipper. 

When clients are ready to ship samples to CVDC, they would simply fill out the “shipped from” part of the label, stick it to the package and call the phone number on the shipping label to alert FedEx that a sample is ready for pick up.  FedEx will retrieve the package from your clinic and bring it to the lab the following business morning.  Please note that packages shipped on Friday will not be delivered to CVDC until Monday, so if you are shipping perishable samples it may be best not to ship on Fridays. 

A $10 per shipment charge will be included with the lab charges for this service. Samples up to 150lbs can be shipped utilizing these shipping tags; however, heavier shipments will incur higher shipping charges.  Shipments which cost CVDC over $10, will be billed the actual FedEx billed rate.  These charges will be added to your monthly billing statements.

For questions about this new service or to order shipping labels from CVDC, please call (803) 788-2260.  Shipping labels are good for 1 year and can be ordered at any time.  Please allow 7-10 days for shipping labels to arrive following placement of your initial order.


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