June 19, 2013

Veto Threat Looms as Farm Bill Debate Begins in House

If the House farm bill makes it through Congress and is sent to the White House, senior advisors to the president are expected to advise him to veto it, due to the $20.5 billion cut in federal nutrition assistance programs that will be spread out over 10 years. The Senate-passed farm bill also cuts nutrition aid, but only by $4 billion.


Farm Bureau and a large number of other ag groups sent a letter to House Ag Committee leaders on Monday urging them to oppose any attempts to include the Egg Products Inspection Act Amendment of 2013 in the farm bill.  “Such broad and potentially costly legislation should not be entertained as part of the farm bill, which is a must-pass bill for most agricultural producers,” wrote the groups. The legislation writes into federal law an agreement between animal rights activists and egg producers that requires the cages used for laying hens to nearly double in size.


SCFB and AFBF have sent an FBACT “Action Alert” to encourage outreach to members of Congress regarding farm bill support.  Additional information on the farm bill and the AFBF Action Center are available online. This includes messages developed for sharing across social media platforms.


National Journal article

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