July 12, 2013

Story from The Hill - Farm Bill

News from The Hill:

House approves farm bill 216-208 in big win for GOP leaders

By Pete Kasperowicz and Erik Wasson

The House approved a stripped-down farm bill Thursday in a tight 216-208 vote, giving a huge boost to Speaker John Boehner and other Republican leaders after the embarrassing failure of an earlier bill last month.
The bill passed despite a veto threat from President Obama, objections from most Democrats and opposition from farm groups and conservative organizations.
Hundreds of agriculture groups who opposed separating food stamp funding from the bill urged its defeat, as did conservative groups angered the bill would make farm commodity programs permanent, making them more difficult to reform in the future.
Only 12 Republicans voted against the bill, while no Democrats supported it.
The GOP vote was a huge improvement from last month, when 62 Republicans defected and the GOP leadership suffered a rare floor defeat. The fall of that farm bill raised questions about Boehner’s leadership and the competence of the GOP’s whipping operation.
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