August 21, 2013

Bring on the Heat!!

Farmers and ranchers, who are hot under the collar about congressional inaction, have been turning up the heat during Farm Bureau’s “Bring the Heat” August recess grassroots campaign. Farm Bureau members have been telling Congress to pass the farm bill, fix ag labor and pass the waterways bill. Through town hall meetings, congressional district office visits, traditional and social media, emails, phone calls, postcards and even specially made fans with personalized messages, Farm Bureau members across the country are bringing on the heat to Congress. Please join with us!


Pass a Farm Bill

·         Up against an approaching deadline. The 2008 Farm Bill was extended until Sept. 30, 2013

·         A strong safety net that covers deep, catastrophic losses that producers can tailor to their farms

·         Programs that ensure farmers can respond to market signals;

·         The protection and improvement of working lands conservation programs;

·         A cost effective farm bill that makes the necessary budget cuts without saddling farmers and ranchers an unfair share burden.


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Fix Ag Labor

·         Farmers and ranchers face a shortage of workers who are willing and able to work on farms and in fields.

·         A Farm Bureau economic analysis concluded that $5 billion to $9 billion in annual production is in jeopardy if the employee shortage cannot be filled.

·         Farm workers’ labor is needed to produce much of the food we enjoy and the crops that bring billions of dollars each year into our nation’s economy.

·         The American public faces the loss of economic activity from U.S. food production, as well as the risk that more of their food will come from countries with fewer food safety rules.

·         Reforms to the immigration system must assure that American agriculture has a legal, stable supply of workers, both in the short- and long-term.  


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