August 26, 2013

Immigration Reform Op-ed Published

Winkles Calls for Immigration Reform in Greenville News Op-ed

In an op-ed published in the Greenville (S.C.) News on Sunday, South Carolina Farm Bureau President David Winkles explains why immigration reform is so important to farmers and ranchers. Addressing one of the biggest myths about farm labor—that growers don’t want to hire U.S. citizens because they can get foreign workers much cheaper—Winkles explained that most locals aren’t interested in farm work because it’s so demanding.


“On just one fruit and vegetable farm in South Carolina over the past two years, the farm advertised locally for 2,000 workers,” Winkles wrote. “The farm had about 600 U.S. workers apply for those jobs and only 15 of those took the jobs and stayed all the way through the season. That farm would have long gone out of business if left to just those 15 U.S. workers to tend the farm.”


Immigration reform is one of three issues farmers and ranchers are calling for action on through Farm Bureau’s Bring the Heat campaign.



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