August 28, 2013

National Security and the Farm Bill…Wake Up D.C.

The United States is “looking right down the barrel of an important junction in the history of our nation” and Kansas farmer Glenn Brunkow is concerned that the partisan bickering in Washington these days is a threat to the nation’s bedrock—American agriculture. In the latest FBlog post, Brunkow writes that members of Congress need to pass a farm bill and “they need to do it right now.”

“A strong agricultural system has always been the key to the success of the United States. Not only can we feed ourselves, but we can also provide food and fiber to a good portion of the world,” Brunkow writes. “I would challenge you to go through history and find an example of an enduring world power without a strong agricultural foundation. Food security is the first thing that must be established to ensure that a society will grow and flourish.”

FBlog Post

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