Proposed EPA Rule Could Hurt Arizona’s Water Supply


An editorial in Sunday’s Arizona Republic titled “Proposed EPA rule could hurt Arizona’s water supply,” noted: “Alarm bells are being sounded by Sens. Jeff Flake and John McCain, the Arizona Farm Bureau, water lawyers, ranchers and the head of Central Arizona Project.”  Further, “Environmental-law attorney Michelle De Blasi said if the EPA is not expanding jurisdiction, it needs to specifically state that in the final rule. The proposed rule is open to interpretation and court challenges.”

The editorial also refers to a recent op-ed by rancher and Arizona Farm Bureau First Vice President Stefanie Smallhouse, who wrote that “every dry wash in Arizona would now be considered ‘connected’ to a navigable waterway and subject to a permit” if the proposed rule goes into effect.

AFBF believes EPA’s proposed rule is an end run around Congress and the Supreme Court. For more information about AFBF’s Ditch The Rule campaign, visit

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