Friends of Farm Bureau Political Action Committee


In December of 1999, the SC Farm Bureau delegates approved the formation of a political action committee. Given the rising costs of political campaigns, it was decided that SC Farm Bureau members needed to help financially support the political campaigns of our friends in the General Assembly.

In the fall election of 2000 the Friends of Farm Bureau (FOFB) PAC participated in its first election, supporting selected members of the state General Assembly.

Since that time FOFB PAC has participated in every election supporting our friends in the General Assembly.
SC Farm Bureau members are to be commended for their generous contributions to the PAC.

About the Friends of Farm Bureau Political Action Committee

The Friends of Farm Bureau PAC is registered with the SC Ethics Commission. It fully complies with all the rules and reporting regulations established by the SC Ethics Commission.

The purpose of the Committee is to receive, administer and expend funds for political purposes in connection with promoting and supporting candidates for the South Carolina General Assembly who are supportive of the policies of the SC Farm Bureau Federation.

Contributions are completely voluntary. Members have the right to contribute to the Committee without any advantage conditioned upon making the contribution or reprisal or threat of reprisal related to the failure to make a contribution.

Contributions to the Committee are not tax deductible as a business expense or as a charitable contribution.

For more information, contact Michael Wright, FOFB PAC Coordinator at 803-936-4214.