Agricutlure, Our New Sun

Wednesday, September 24, 2014 - 12:34pm

Victoria Rizer

Clemson Collegiate Farm Bureau

From a very young age, we are taught about the earth.  We are told of what the earth is comprised: how much of it is water, how much of it is land, and what can grow and thrive.  We are also taught that Earth revolves around one central point, the sun.  All of this knowledge is wonderful, but it does not give insight as to what humans themselves revolve around. The answer to this question is quite simple: agriculture.  Our world, our society, revolves around agriculture and all that it entails.  There is no denying, then, that “He who serves agriculture, serves all mankind.”

In the beginning, we as a human race were hunter/gatherers.  This life did not allow for much in the way of development.  Traveling with the food source was necessary and the knowledge of the edible plant life had to be formed and passed down from generation to generation.  Then, as luck would have it, a stroke of genius came down upon our ancestors.  They learned to use the land to their advantage. They learned that if you take a seed, plant it, and nourish it with the best of care, you could create food.  This allowed them to settle down, stay in one place, and eventually create what we like to call civilization.

Fast forward quite a bit in time to today’s world, where food is all anyone ever talks about.  There is usually at least one grocery store in every town and restaurants line the streets. An entire channel on the television is dedicated solely to the cooking of food.  Even our days revolve around food. We wake up and eat breakfast, work a little bit and then eat lunch, work a little bit more and then eat supper and, occasionally, we indulge in the late midnight snack.  Business meetings usually happen over some type of food and the main question on any child’s mind is ‘what are we having for supper?’. This is, in fact, an excellent question: what exactly are we having for supper? The answer does not lie within the grocery store or that new cookbook that you bought on the internet. It lies within the man or woman growing your food.

What we eat is determined by those who grow our food, how much they grow, and how well they grow the food. Many don’t know of the struggle and work that goes into feeding the world. It can be a gruesome job that produces the most amazing outcome: smiling faces and full tummies.  Today’s farmers dedicate their lives to feeding everyone and with the newest technologies, this task can be completed. Most who serve agriculture do not do it for the money, but rather to see the fruits of their labor. While some criticize those in the agricultural society and have preconceived negative notions about them, they forget that without these hardworking people, no one would eat. Without these cultivators, our world would be a very different place. 

Agriculture is the reason that we, as humans, have what we do.  Civilization and development burst onto the scene after it was founded and, for the most part, has not slowed down since. The luxury of having food readily available has given rise to all the great thoughts and ideas that have become the foundation upon which we establish ourselves. To serve agriculture means to be a steward of the land and all that it is used for…serving mankind as well as the earth.

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