DM Training Calls


Join American Farm Bureau as they host training calls on each of the questions. If you are interested in competing, be sure to participate. 

Call Information: All trainings will be at 8:00 p.m. ET Toll-Free Number: 1-800-768-2983 Participant Passcode: 7870140 # 

Tuesday Training Schedule: 

September 10 – General overview of the competition. 

September 17 – Question 1 – How can Farm Bureau build upon collaborative relationships such as Farm Town Strong to combat nationwide crises such as opioid dependence/addiction and mental health issues? 

September 24 – Question 2 – Products like cell-based food products have demonstrated the food system is rapidly changing. How can future food technologies and related products be beneficially integrated into modern agricultural production without hampering the success of traditional products and the farmers and ranchers who grow them? 

October 1 – Question 3 – The customer is always right. How do farmers and ranchers think and respond, through the lens of consumer priorities and marketing trends, to build common values and confidence in modern production methods to build consumer acceptance? 

October 8 – Question 5 – The 21st-century agricultural economy is threatened by labor shortages. Without a clear solution for accessing foreign guest workers as a component of immigration reform coming from Congress, what are some creative and legal ways for agriculture to address the labor needs of a modern production system? 

October 15 – Question 4 – With abundant productivity, farmers are in need of new markets, including outside traditional food and feed channels. How do we develop, invest and commercialize to innovate new uses of agricultural products and by-products to benefit all of agriculture? 

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