J.E.B. and Jane Wilson

Chester County

Meet J.E.B. and Jane Wilson from Chester County, SC, winners of the 2013 SC Farm Bureau Young Farmer and Rancher Achievement Award.

The Wilson farm is a diversified operation including row crops such as soybeans and cotton, as well as produce such as peaches, pumpkins, tomatoes and okra, some of which is sold at their two roadside markets.

A 6,000 square foot warehouse and packing facility prepares additional produce to be shipped to large grocery retailers.

Agritourism is an important business for the Wilsons with some 7,000 children touring the farm each year. In October, visitors also enjoy a corn maze and a farm fair.

Manufacturing 80,000 baskets annually for farm needs and for other farmers keeps the farm labor force busy during the off-season while adding profit for the farm.  

J.E.B. uses his knowledge in advertising and a $15,000 annual budget to promote his business using various media as well as the internet.

J.E.B. knows firsthand the importance of Farm Bureau in the legislative arena. In 2013 he initiated a Farm Bureau effort to halt the passage of a potentially costly county ordinance that would have required farmers to buy business licenses which could have cost each farm $6,000 annually.

Jane is a frequent assistant in the office with bookkeeping and payroll chores. As Chester County Farm Bureau Women’s Leadership Committee chair, Jane works to promote agriculture in the county, such as encouraging schools to apply for Farm Bureau grants to promote ag in the classroom.