April 20, 2011 Woven Baskets


Originally aired on the RFD-TV network on April 20, 2011

In this episode, Farm Bureau's Voices of Agrculture host Reggie Hall explains that if you've ever been to a "you-pick" operation, a roadside stand, or a local farmer's market, chances are very good that you've seen or used a wooden-woven basket.

Baskets are an important part of our agricultural heritage and sales, so we visit Roof's Basket Works in Lexington, SC in one of the state's leading agricultural counties.  Here we discover the process of making these well known baskets from start to finish.

For our Carolina Cooking segment, we go to W.P. Rawl & Sons in Pelion, SC where Donna Bundrick-Griffin shows us how to make a cheesy chicken recipe made with fresh products from the farm.

Then check out our "spring" Palmetto Portait full of colorful florals and small town scenes..

Roof's Basket Works, Inc.
Tony Roof
1514 Pisgah Church Road Lexington, SC
(803) 359-6808

W.P. Rawl & Sons, Inc.
Donna Bundrick-Griffin
824 Fairview Road Pelion, SC
(803) 359-3645