April 21, 2010 - Crop Depredation

"Crop Depredation"

Originally aired on RFD-TV network on April 21, 2010

In this episode, Farm Bureau's Voices of Agriculture host Reggie Hall exposes wildlife taking a walk on the wild side of agriculture, destroying fields and eating into an already very narrow profit margin farmers struggle to earn.  See how farmers are taking matters in their own hands and turning to Department of Natural Resources (DNR) biologists and others to help remedy their cause.

In our regular Carolina Cooking segment, we travel to the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Greenville, SC where we find theBlue Ridge Brewing Company on the town's trendy Main Street.  We're talking wildlife, so we only found it fitting to find a place that serves, well, wildlife. 

We feature Chalmers Carr for our Farmer Outstanding in the Field as he shows us around Titan Farms, a big peach producer located in Ridge Spring, SC.

Our Palmetto Portrait was shot at the Congaree National Park, a perfect home for wildlife and woodland creatures.

For more information, please click on the links below.

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (DNR)
Charles Ruth
1000 Assembly Street Columbia, SC
(803) 734-3893

South Carolina Farm Bureau Federation (Government Relations)
Gary Spires
724 Knox Abbott Drive Cayce, SC
(803) 936-4350

The Blue Ridge Brewing Company
Terry Vaughn
Chef Rich Flagg
217 North Main Street  Greenville, SC
(864) 232-HOPS

Titan Farms
Chalmers Carr, III
5 R. W. DuBose Road  Ridge Spring, SC
(803) 685-5381

Congaree National Park
100 National Park Road  Hopkins, SC
(803) 776-4396