January 12, 2011 - Trucking Ag

"Trucking in Agriculture"

Originally aired on RFD-TV Network January 12, 2011

In this episode of Farm Bureau's Voices of Agriculture, host Reggie Hall takes a look at the movement of agricultural products from field to table and talks to some of the people responsible for trucking your food from place to place.  
Transport Police in South Carolina will soon be enforcing a 1985 federal regulation requiring local DOT numbers on commercial vehicles that do business exclusively in state.  Find out what this means for your vehicles and how to get information about registering for your DOT number.   

Join us as we recap the 2010 SC Farm Bureau Annual Meeting in Myrtle Beach and share some of the highlights from SC Farm Bureau President, David Winkles, Jr.
This episode's Farmer Outstanding in the Field is Linwood Turner, a farmer, trucker, and musician.  Let Linwood entertain and inform you all the way from Mayesville, SC.

For the Palmetto Portrait we capture wintery woods from a variety of locations from around the state.

For more information, please click on the links below.

 South Carolina Trucking Association
 J. Richards Todd
 2425 Devine Street Columbia, SC
 (803) 799-4306

 W.P. Rawl & Sons, Inc.
Robert Stephenson
 824 Fairview Road Pelion, SC
 (803) 894-1901

  Weathers Trucking
Landy Weathers
  358 Dairy Avenue Bowman, SC
  (803) 829-2558

  South Carolina State Transport Police
  Captain Bruce Bailey
  P.O. Box 1993 Blythewood, SC
  (803) 896-5500

  W. Lee Flowers Company
LeGrand Miles
  Hwy. 52 NW Scranton, SC
  (843)  389-2731

  Featured Farmer
  Linwood Turner
  P.O. Box 166
  Mayesville, SC