January 16, 2013 - Death and Taxes

"Death and Taxes"

 Originally aired January 16, 2013

In this episode, Farm Bureau's Voices of Agriculture host Reggie Hall talks about one of life's certainties - Taxes...specifically the federal estate tax- or what many refer to as the "Death Tax."

We waited until the final hour when Congress finally addressed the issue in its "dawn of the New Year", efforts to keep us all from falling off the fiscal cliff.  But was it enough to help family farmers?  What changes did Congress make to keep the issue from affecting farmers into the future?  We answer those questions and more as we hear from South Carolina Farm Bureau Federation President, David Winkles, American Farm Bureau Federation President, Bob Stallman, and an estate planner to answer the huge challenge of helping farmers plan for the future.  We also talk with a South Carolina farm father and son about how the estate tax affects their ability to pass down the family farm.

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