March 10, 2010 - What's Bugging Ag?


Originally aired on RFD-TV network on March 10, 2010

In this episode, Farm Bureau's Voices of Agriculture host Reggie Hall takes to the St. Patrick's Day legend of the snakes driven out of Ireland, and finds out how farmers are doing the same thing as they drive their pests out of the fields. 

Sticking with the theme of "pests", we learn how to make a shoo fly pie in our Carolina Cooking segment where we visit Miller's Bread Basket in Blackville, SC.

We also visit Split Creek Farm near Clemson, SC where we feature Evin Evans as our Farmer Outstanding in the Field.  Here you will see all the different foods and products goats can provide.

We close our show with a very Irish Palmetto Portrait with festive music and very much green!

For more information, please click on the links below.

Clemson University (Entomology Department)
Geoff Zehnder
B28 Long Hall Clemson, SC
(864) 656-6644

Clayton Rawl Farms
Chris Rawl
747 Calks Ferry Road  Lexington, SC
(803) 359-4415

Clemson Extension Service
J. Powell Smith, Ph.D.
605 West Main Street, Ste. 109  Lexington, SC
(803) 359-8515 ext. 122

Miller's Bread Basket
Ray Miller
Lill Stoltzfus
483 Main Street  Blackville, SC
(803) 284-3117

Split Creek Farm
Evin Evans
3806 Centerville Road  Anderson, SC
(864) 287-3921