May 13, 2009 - Money Grows on Trees

"Money Does Grow on Trees"

Originally aired on RFD-TV network on May 13, 2009

In this episode of Farm Bureau's Voices of Agriculture, host Reggie Hall introduces you to the importance of forestry in South Carolina, which comprises of more than two-thirds of the state's landscape and helps contribute millions of dollars and jobs to the economy.
We talk with leading Forestry experts and Associations about the positive impact forestry has on that and more.

Tree farmer Posey Copeland is our Farmer Outstanding in the Field, so we visit him on his tree farm in the Upstate.  Hear his history in both farming and the Farm Bureau Federation. 

Everything goes "green" in this episode's Palmetto Portrait where lush, thick forests are featured in this segment.

For more information, please click on the links below.

South Carolina Forestry Commission
Gene Kodama
Scott Hawkins

P.O. Box 21707 Columbia, SC
(803) 896-8800

South Carolina Forestry Association
Bob Scott
4901 Broad River Road  Columbia, SC
(803) 798-2340

Hodge Harmon
Forestry Advisory Committee

2244 Hodge Road  Newberry, SC
(803) 924-2706

Posey Copeland
Forestry Advisory Committee

2228 Bush River Road  Kinnards, SC