May 15, 2013 - Many Hats of a Farmer

"Many Hats of a Farmer"

  Originally aired May 15, 2013


In this episode, Farm Bureau's Voices of Agriculture host Reggie Hall delves into the diversity of roles each farmer has to play to succeed in their business and in agriculture. 

We talk with several South Carolina farmers and hear about the many occupational "hats" they choose ( or are required) to wear as family farmers.  While there are many fulltime professionals in ag-related areas, most farmers must become experts in a variety of disciplines.

We travel all across the Palmetto State to hear how the role of mechanic, meterologist, economist, businessman (or woman), veterinarian, restauranter, social media advocate, political activist and much more are just some of the hats farmers do wear.  Listen to how each farmer does more than just cultivate and grow, but how they really are a "Jack, or Jane, of all trades."

For more information on the programs we feature in this episode, click on the links below:

Dantzler Farms
Bryan Dantzler
2344 Bonner Ave
Santee, SC 29142
(803) 496-3395

Mac's Pride
Kemp McLeod
McLeod Farms
PO Box 449
McBee, SC 29101
(843) 335-8335

Titan Farms
Chalmers Carr;
5 R. W. DuBose Road
Ridge Spring, SC 29129
(803) 685-5381

Bryant Farms
Cullen Bryant
2560 Bryant Rd
Dillon, SC 29536
\ (843) 774-7772

Bush 'N' Vine Farm
Bob Hall
1650 Filbert Hwy
York, SC 29745
(803) 684-2732

Satterwhite Farms
Kevin Satterwhite
1144 Garys Ln
Newberry, SC 29108
(803) 276-3508
Bush River Jerseys

Tammie Doran
3342 Bush River Rd
Newberry, SC 29108
(803) 276-7667

The Farmer's Shed
2514 Augusta Hwy
Lexington, SC 29072
(803) 996-0700

Nance Farm
Caci Nance
500 Garvin Road
McConnells, SC 29726

Cowden Plantation
Donnie Wakefield
3013 Tom Cat Lane
Aiken, SC
(803) 507-4307

Galloway Farms
Ryan Galloway
2016 Sprout Rd
Darlington, SC
(843) 393-1936

Betty Allen Farms
Keith Allen
1131 Highway 917 E
Latta, SC 29565
(843) 752-2036

Setzler Farms
Justin Setzler
1037 Sweet Springs Rd
Newberry, SC
(803) 276-0772