May 19, 2010 - Water Rights for Ag

"Water Rights"

Originally aired on RFD-TV Network on May 19, 2010

In this episode, Farm Bureau's Voices of Agriculture host Reggie Hall talks about one of South Carolina's attractions in the abundance of water.  River, lakes and streams provide great scenery and recreation.  It also serves as the life-blood to locally grown produce and livestock.  Through this episode we talk about the importance of keeping this vital resource flowing through the state.

We also cover a marketing effort to promote Palmetto Sweet onions from South Carolina farms.  We show a small group of South Carolina farmers, Farm Bureau representatives, government officials and others who introduced the sweet onion to the world in response to consumer demand.

For our Carolina Cooking segment we visit Waterscapes Restaurant in Myrtle Beach, SC.  Here Chef James Clark appreciates and acquires locally grown food offering patrons the freshest ingredients in his recipes.  See how he cooks up a highly unique lionfish.

Carrie Dalton joins in the ranks of our featured farmer segment Farmer Outstanding in the Field.  We show you how Carrie works closely with her family on their farm as well as their nationally renowned restaurant, The Farmer's Shed.

We close the program with our Palmetto Portrait highlighting beautiful scenery from the Upstate of waterfalls, rivers and streams.

For more information, click on the links below.

Clayton Rawl Farms, Inc.
Chris Rawl
747 Calks Ferry Road Lexington, SC
(803) 359-4415

South Carolina Department of Agriculture
Martin Eubanks
P.O. Box 11280 Columbia, SC
(803) 734-2210

South Carolina Attorney General
The Honorable Alan Wilson
P.O. Box 11549 Columbia, SC
(803) 734-3970

Beechwood Farms
Billy Ledford
102 Beechwood Road Marietta, SC
(864) 836-6075

Super Sod/Patten Seed Company
Jim Roquemore
235 Valdosta Road  Lakeland, GA
(800) 634-1672

Watsonia Farms
Joe and Jerry Watson
3755 Highway 23  Monetta, SC
(803) 685-7035

South Carolina Farm Bureau Federation (Government Relations)
Russell Ott
724 Knox Abbott Drive Cayce, SC
(803) 936-4383

Waterscapes Restaurant
Chef James Clark
8121 Amalfi Place  Myrtle Beach, SC
(843) 913-2845

The Farmer's Shed
Carrie Dalton
2514 Augusta Highway  Lexington, SC
(803) 996-0700