Today's Farming

Farming is about much more than planting and harvesting; it’s about animals and the environment; it’s about regulatory compliance, food handling, packing, and traceability; it’s about selling, marketing, and distributing products; it’s about local, regional and national economies. That’s why we make it our business to share information with growers, consumers, and community leaders, engage them in thoughtful conversation, and ultimately play an active role in making informed decisions that work for all.

Animal Welfare

Keeping animals safe and healthy is always our first priority. We take steps to prevent disease and illness and ensure that every animal is treated with care.

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Environment & Sustainability

Our way of life depends upon an environment that’s as sustainable as it is healthy. See how we protect and preserve our lands for future generations.

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Fertilizers & Nutrients

Nurturing and nourishing the soil is vital to producing fresh, high quality food, and we work hard to keep our lands growing strong.

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