Paving the Way for Regulatory Reform in 2017

Author's Name: Paul Schlegel

Author's Organization or Publication: American Farm Bureau Federation

While most attention these days is focused on the incoming Trump administration, don’t expect members of the 115th Congress to be bystanders once they are sworn in on Jan. 3, 2017. We expect major...more

Trade Agreements Matter to U.S. Agriculture

Author's Name: Stewart Truelsen

Author's Organization or Publication: Food & Ag Writer

In this wild and wooly election year international trade agreements, especially the pending Trans-Pacific Partnership, have come under political fire. It’s hardly the first time. In 1987, House...more

Agricultural Policy in the 2016 Election

Author's Name: Shiloh Perry

Author's Organization or Publication: American Farm Bureau Federation

In the midst of debates and with Election Day quickly approaching, the importance of agricultural policy is even more pressing. In fact, everyone has a stake in American agriculture and protecting...more

The Unbelievable Reality of Regulation

Author's Name: Blake Hurst

Author's Organization or Publication: Missouri Farm Bureau Federation

When the elections are over and Congress returns to work, it’s time for regulatory reform. Why should that be a top priority of the new Congress? Well, let’s talk about Charlie and John. Charlie owns...more

The Buzz About Urban Farms

Author's Name: Stewart Truelsen

Author's Organization or Publication: Food & Ag Writer

If the buzz about urban farms can be believed, they are growing significantly even as rural farms and ranches decline in number. Nationally, there are no reliable statistics on the number of urban...more

The Rural Vote Can’t be Overlooked in 2016

Author's Name: Zippy Duvall

Author's Organization or Publication: President, AFBF

Country roads are an important part of the route to public office. There’s no such thing as “fly-over country” in an election year—and some lawmakers have learned this the hard way. Farmers and...more

Farmers Understand the Real Value of TPP

Author's Name: Michele Aavang

Author's Organization or Publication: Illinois farmer

I recently posted a couple of photos on social media of my niece’s adorable young daughter, Sadie, standing beside signs that I had stuck in a farm field. The signs stated, “My Farm Exports” and “We...more

4 Ways We are Keeping our Farm Sustainable

Author's Name: Carla Wardin

Author's Organization or Publication: USFRA Faces of Farming & Ranching

When people talk about sustainability, I like to point to generational farms as an example. I’m the sixth generation in my family to live and farm on the same land. For 137 years, my ancestors have...more

Families are the Core of Corporate Farming

Author's Name: Katie Heger

Author's Organization or Publication: North Dakota Family Farmer

What do you notice when you look at an apple? Perhaps it’s the color or variety. How do you choose which to buy at the market? Pink Lady? Gala? Granny Smith? Do you prefer tart over sweet? There may...more

Labels are no Substitute for Ag's Real Success Stories

Author's Name: Andrew Walmsley

Author's Organization or Publication: AFBF Congressional Relations

In a world consumed by daily deadlines, social media and a myriad of other distractions, it’s natural to seek out things that can help us feel more grounded, to find a sense of place. Many people...more