Family Farmers Do More Than Feed the World

Author's Name: Tom Vilsack

Author's Organization or Publication: United States Secretary of Agriculture

The headlines today can often seem bleak: worries of terrorism, global health, climate change, drought and hunger dominate the news cycle. These are extraordinarily complex and challenging issues … more

Agriculture Continues to Adapt to Changing Times

Author's Name: Bob Young

Author's Organization or Publication: AFBF

The din surrounding the climate change issue is up and down about as much as the weather itself. Some days the volume is cranked way up, with hundreds of thousands storming the streets of New York … more

Agricutlure, Our New Sun

Author's Name: Victoria Rizer

Author's Organization or Publication: Clemson Collegiate Farm Bureau

From a very young age, we are taught about the earth.  We are told of what the earth is comprised: how much of it is water, how much of it is land, and what can grow and thrive.  We are … more

Sharing the Story of the American Farm

Author's Name: Chris Chinn

I’m a farmer and a mother. Leaving my farm and family isn’t exactly something I treasure. It is, however, an investment I make to share the story of my American farm family. I am not … more

Harvest 2014: A Bounty of Rewards and Challenges

Author's Name: President Bob Stallman

Author's Organization or Publication: American Farm Bureau Federation

Harvest season is upon us, bringing with it that perfect blend of sunshine, crisp air and golden fields. While it is a farmer’s nature, it is harder for many of us to complain about the weather … more

Bridging the Digital Divide in Rural America

Author's Name: RJ Karney

Author's Organization or Publication: American Farm Bureau Federation

Current and future generations of rural Americans will be left behind in today’s global economy if they remain unable to access affordable broadband services.

Farmers and ranchers in rural … more

Rural Entrepreneurship Challenge Opens Doors for Community Success

Author's Name: Morgan Slaven

Author's Organization or Publication: American Farm Bureau Federation

Innovation and entrepreneurship are two words that are more likely to be associated with Silicon Valley than rural America. These two words, however, describe many small businesses in rural … more

America's Time in the Sun

By Bob Stallman, PresidentAmerican Farm Bureau Federation

July 2014Ladies and gentlemen, start your grills! It’s time for Fourth of July celebrations, family reunions, neighborhood gatherings … more