Legislative Priorities

2015 Priority Policies

Trespass Liability-

An increase in trespassing and recreational land use by the public on private property has raised concerns with landowners as to what their liability is in these situations. SC Farm Bureau will work to codify common law and limit landowner liability.

Repair and Maintenance of Rural Roads and Bridges-

Demand for repair and maintenance on rural roads and bridges has increased, and in order for agriculture to prosper, good roads and bridges are essential. SC Farm Bureau asks the General Assembly to continue with efforts to address our deteriorating highway infrastructure, with emphasis on existing rural roads and bridges.

Agriculture Water Use-

SC Farm Bureau believes sound science should guide the General Assembly and stakeholders in water policy decision making. A statewide surface water assessment is underway in which SC Farm Bureau will be a part of the stakeholder’s process. SC Farm Bureau will continue to influence water policies in South Carolina to ensure a fair and adequate water supply for agricultural use.