Legislative Priorities

2014 Priority Policies

Appropriations Bill –

South Carolina Farm Bureau relies on the expertise and services of several state agencies that provide research, technical assistance, regulatory oversight, and promotion.  We encourage the General Assembly to continue to fund these necessary services to the agribusiness community.

Crop Depredation and Nuisance Wildlife –

2013 was a devastating year to crop and property around South Carolina.  While the weather was quite a challenge for our growers, we saw a continued increase in crop loss caused by deer and feral hogs.  The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources is responsible for the state’s deer herd and has been charged with enforcing laws on hunting and transporting feral hogs.  Therefore, we urge them to find workable solutions to deer and hog damage to our crops.

Fertilizer Fee Codification –

We support passage of S.699, which will codify the fee assessed on a ton of fertilizer.  The fee pays for the inspection of fertilizer to guaranty the proper elements and formulas.

Liability Reform Act (S.788) –

We support the section of S.788 which provides landowners liability protection from trespassers.

Repair and Maintenance of Rural Roads and Bridges –

We ask the General Assembly to continue with efforts started in 2013 to address our deteriorating highway infrastructure with emphasis on existing rural roads and bridges.