High School Discussion Meet

Being an effective agricultural advocate depends on one's ability to analyze agricultural issues and decide on solutions that best meet their needs. The High School Discussion Meet is a competition designed to build these crucial skills in young, active leaders in agriculture on the high school level. By participating, students build basic discussion skills, develop a keen understanding of important agricultural issues and explore how groups can pool knowledge to reach consensus and solve problems.

As a leadership development activity, the Discussion Meet competition will:

  • Stimulate logical thinking and a desire for accurate information;

  • Promote a concise and direct manner of speaking;

  • Improve the ability to listen;

  • Aid the participant in overcoming timidity or stage fright;

  • Assist the individual in the practice of giving and receiving criticism in a helpful manner;

  • Teach the value of compromise; and develop leaders for effective problem solving through group discussion.

YF&R is offering to organize and host this competition for students who are involved in Agricultural Education classes, FFA Chapters and 4H programs. A High School Discussion Meet can be organized for students across a district or a cluster of interested schools/programs.

  • Teachers or program leaders are only responsible for recruiting and organizing the participants. We recommend Ag programs in neighboring communities or counties work together on this project.

  • There must be at least 10 (and no more than 15) students committed to participating for a Discussion Meet to be organized for your group.

  • Discussion Meets will be organized for groups on a first come first serve basis and are subject to staff and volunteer availability.

  • Discussion Meet questions are provided in advance.

  • A manual and study materials to help students prepare for this competition will be provided for you.

  • The schedule and location will be tailored to your group's needs. 

If you or someone you know is an Ag Teacher or program leader who would be interested in having us organize a High School Discussion Meet for their group, please contact Heather Barberio.   


After High School, students have the opportunity to compete at the collegiate level and at the state level for money, prizes and an expense-paid trips. Winners of the Collegiate and State Discussion Meets compete nationally. Getting started at the High School level has proven to be critical for future success. The best part is that this is a competition that Ag enthusiasts can continue to compete in until they are 35 years old.