Legislative Priorities

There is an issue that transcends all levels of government in the United States.  It is an issue that affects our security as a nation and our very livelihood as farmers: farmland and farm operation protection.  To continue to feed and clothe the nation, farmers must have protection from urban sprawl and rural development including nonreciprocal setbacks, burdensome regulation, and reactionary economic policies.

The United States has had a long-standing public policy promoting the importance of agriculture as the foundation of a free and prosperous nation. The US public is generally oblivious to all the threats facing agriculture and we must depend on our elected officials to engage and save the farm.

Local Government:

We encourage all Farm Bureau members to become involved in county and local government, and to share their involvement and activities with the membership of other county Farm Bureaus and the state Farm Bureau office.

State Government:

We recommend the ongoing work of water inventories, water planning and legislation pertaining to water and dams and reservoirs be given high priority.

National Government:

The following issues are priorities for Congress in 2019:

  1. Farm Bill
  2. Hurricane Relief
  3. Ag Labor – Access to legal farm labor/adjustment of status
  4. Taxes – incentive program to be made permanent for agriculture