Mariculture: Farming in the Sea

Stephanie Sox
Bulls Bay Seafood sign

Farming is a labor of love, whether you plant your seeds in the ocean or in the soil.

It’s one of those places that you can’t get to from here; so many great places in South Carolina are like that. Situated off Highway 17, just north of Mount Pleasant sits this sleepy fishing town. The town lines are drawn by borders of...

A Farewell to Arms, A Welcome to Farms

Tom Poland

Note: Since this story was published, the Rutters have relocated to Townville, SC


A classic World War II poster brings to mind Norman Rockwell’s America. A man and woman tend a garden. A boy in coveralls holds a wooden basket overflowing with corn, tomatoes, onions and lettuce. The headline? PLANT A VICTORY GARDEN...

Gone Hog Wild... or Hogs Gone Wild and Deer too!

Stephanie Sox
Wild hogs
One mid-April morning, Rachael Sharp and her father Don were out checking their recently planted cornfields. “I noticed something looked a little off,” Rachael recalls. “We went on around the curve of the road and the damage was just incredible.”

The Egg's Road to Your Table

Tom Poland


The Egg’s Road to Your Table: A Journey that Makes Life Healthy and Delicious

The incredible, edible egg it’s been called. We can thank egg farmers and table egg producers for providing this delectable miracle.

Plastic easter eggs with carton

My first experience with an incredible egg farmer goes back a ways. The farmer was my grandmother. In summer...

During National Beef Month, support S.C. cattle producers

State Representative Randy Ligon

With Memorial Day in sight, South Carolinians are gearing up for another summer full of family cookouts —after all, nothing quite says summer like the smell of hamburgers and steaks cooking on the grill. That’s what makes May the perfect time to celebrate National Beef Month and reflect on the importance of a strong...

Build a Better Burger

Stephanie Sox
Large hamburger

Build a better burger from farms right here in the Palmetto State.

Nothing says summer like a backyard cookout. And the menu? Burgers piled high with your favorite toppings. Meet some South Carolina farmers who grow everything you need to build the perfect burger that will have guests at your next outdoor gathering...

Cows and Climate Change

Picture of the globe with the caption cows and a climate change
Explore statistics and other information regarding the impact of cows and cattle production on climate change.

Bats! Those Amazing Fly-By-Night Creatures

Larry Chesney

Farmers benefit greatly from the presence of bats. But these highly effective insect-eaters are facing some new and deadly threats

Bat bares its fangs
A brown bat shows his teeth

For many South Carolinians, a very relaxing way to enjoy a summertime sunset is to sit outside and watch the acrobatic maneuvers of bats in flight. What makes the show even more...

Wild Hogs – A Statewide Problem

Halt Feral Hogs logo

Farmers across South Carolina have been battling the menacing wild hog with increasing vigor for the last few years as the swine’s prolific breeding and cunning keep it from being easily exterminated. The feral hogs destroy freshly planted fields, then ruddy the ground making it nearly impossible to replant. They...