About Us

Strengthening SC Food & Farms

We’re a statewide organization that brings together farmers, ranchers, entrepreneurs, agribusiness professionals and food enthusiasts to strengthen the future of agriculture in South Carolina. We inform lawmakers about the impact of policies, train young farmers about getting started and help educate teachers and students about agriculture.  


The mission of SC Farm Bureau is to promote agricultural interests in the state of South Carolina and optimize the lives of those involved in agriculture while being respectful to the needs and concerns of all citizens of our state.

Grassroots Organization 

We’re a grassroots organization, which means your insights shape our initiatives and our strategies. You’re the experts on food and farming, and we’re the connectors, the organizers and the legislative minds. We believe that collective efforts best position us to advance family farms, locally grown food and rural South Carolina. 


How does it work? Members of County Farm Bureau Chapters organize to build a strong, unified "Voice of Agriculture" by engaging in education, outreach, leadership development, policy development and legislative advocacy.


Farm Bureau provides a vehicle for farmers to work together to develop unified policy positions. Farm Bureau promotes this policy at the local, state and national levels through volunteer leaders and a team of professional staff.

Community Connections 

By connecting farmers to the larger community, we cultivate understanding about agriculture’s importance to our local economies. We deepen our collective knowledge of who, where, and how food grows. We empower people to make informed choices. We grow mutually beneficial relationships. And, we ensure the future of the family farms, food and rural lands we love.

Who should be a member?

Anyone who is involved in farming or agribusiness in South Carolina or for those not directly involved in agriculture, but would like to support farmers, farmland and the future of agriculture or to access any of the many exclusive SCFB member benefits, including insurance.


Ag Touches Everyone

Ninety-nine percent of all U.S. farms are owned by individuals, family partnerships, or family corporations.

Food & Farm Facts