YF&R Contests

Each year, active members in YF&R have the opportunity to compete in several programs that recognize their accomplishments and test their skills. There are three competitions, click the links below to learn more:

Achievement Award

  • For full-time farmers

Excellence in Agriculture Award

  • For part-time farmers and agribusiness professionals

Discussion Meet

  • For any YF&R member

County/Cluster Activity Award

  • Active County YF&R Committees and YF&R Clusters have the opportunity to be recognized for their involvement in the community.¬†

Photo Contest

  • Click here to see the 2022¬†photo contest winners.

Harvest for All

  • Raise money, volunteer time or collect food for a local food bank, food kitchen or food project.

Classroom Mini-Grant Program

  • Learn-to-Farm classroom mini-grant program for teachers in public and private schools