Harvest for All

Harvest For All

South Carolina Young Farmers and Ranchers want to provide food to those in need!  Over 800,000 people in South Carolina are food insecure, meaning they live at risk of hunger, and nearly 300,000 of those people are children. County Farm Bureau YF&R Programs are encouraged to help bridge the food gap in one of the following ways:

Raise money for a local food bank, food kitchen or food project

Volunteer time at a local food bank, food kitchen or food project

Collect food for a local food bank, food kitchen or food project

Project How-to:

  • Choose a local charitable organization and decide what type of food project would meet their needs. 
  • Let your County Farm Bureau Board of Directors know which charitable organization you choose and be sure to discuss money management for a “funds” project. All funds received must be donated by Dec. 31.
  • Form a team, decide on a start & end date for the project and make a plan. Feel free to cluster up with neighboring counties.
  • Keep at least one of the SCFB YF&R Committee Members that represents your district informed about your project.
  • Take pictures during your project.
  • Track how much money, time or food (weight) you donate.
  • Submit a “Harvest for All” Project Report to Jessica Cabrera by December 30th if you want your county’s project to be considered for an award. 



2019 Winner

Charleston County

Charleston YF&R members organized the harvest and shipment of gleaned produce. Thanks to their efforts around 6,700 pounds of fresh produce were donated to Low Country Food Bank. This involved countless volunteer hours and many deliveries throughout the year.


Runner Up

Anderson County

Anderson County YF&Rs organized a 10 Gallon Challenge to benefit dairy farmers and the less fortunate. They purchased 42 gallons of milk to donate to a local food bank and promoted their efforts on social media.


Most Innovative

Darlington County

Darlington County YF&Rs donated sweet potatoes, pumpkins and popcorn to be sold as a fundraiser at a local festival. The project raised $600 for The Lord Cares Food Bank in Darlington, involved 20 hours of volunteer hours and resulted in 1500 pounds of food donated.