Advisory Committees

From bees to beans, South Carolina Farm Bureau really is ALL about agriculture. We have nineteen advisory committees to ensure that all kinds of farms are represented both in Columbia and in Washington, D.C.

These committees are made up of our best-informed farmer members with extensive knowledge of agricultural issues and provide an opportunity to discuss and recommend solutions in pursuit of policy implementation.

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James Allen, Chair


Committee Members

Craig Bell
Jeff Blackwel
John Coons
Thomas Dailey
Danny Howard
Phillip Jowers
Larry Lawson
Claude McLeod
Bart Merchant
Ronald Moore
Kerry Owen
Mark Sweatman
Allen Umbarger
William West
Wendell Wimberly

Jennifer Tsuruda, Advisor

Staff contact: Chalmers Mikell

Richard Harper, Chair

Committee Members
Billy Abercrombie

Bonnie Cann

Andrew Carter

Travis Collier

Roy Copelan

Cecil Eaddy

Eddy Ellison

John Fogle

George Hood

Brandon Hurley

Lee Keese

Tommy Laney

John Lewis

Loye Mayfield

Charles Setzler

Myles Wilson

Glenn Winburn

Kevin Yon

Matthew Burns, Advisor
Roy Copelan, Advisor
Steve Meadows, Advisor
Boyd Parr, Advisor

Staff contact: Thompson Smith


Carl Brown, Chair

Committee Members

Neal Baxley

Rusty Darby

James Fender

Capers Holman

William James

Richard Lee

Atwood McIntosh

Donnie Porth

Gill Rogers

Michael Shuler

Anthony Ward

Frankie Woodard


Monty Bain, Advisor 
Todd Campbell, Advisor
Tre' Coleman, Advisor
Jay Crouch, Advisor
Michael Jones, Advisor
John Mueller, Advisor
Nathan Smith, Advisor

Staff contact: Larry McKenzie and Russell Ott


Kevin Satterwhite, Chair

Committee Members

Harold Arant

Bill Covington

Glen Easter

Scott Mayer

Patrick Myers

L. D. Peeler

Kevin Satterwhite

C. Stanley Shumpert

Thompson Smith


Tina Horn, Advisor

Boyd Parr, Advisor

Lady Weathers, Advisor


Staff contact: Thompson Smith 

Diversified Agriculture

Rebecca McKinney, Chair

Committee Members

Debbie Burgess

David Derrick

Sallie Hambright-Belue

Erik Hernandez

James Livingston

Stanley McKenzie

Walker Miller

Ryan Oates

Harleston Towles

Aaron Von Frank


Sara Clow, Advisor

Mike McGirr, Advisor

Zack Snipes, Advisor

Brian Ward, Advisor

Katie Welborn, Advisor


Staff contact: Chalmers Mikell


Jack Schurlknight, Chair


Committee Members
Ken Beasley

Tommy Doyle

Adam Eichelberger

Jerry Fowler

David Grant

Theresa King

John Mayfield

Jimmie Polk

Mary Quarles

Anne Shirley

Tara Slatton

Allie Winter


Marsha Hewitt, Advisor

Ellen Wilson, Advisor

Wanda Wood, Advisor

Cassie Wycoff, Advisor

Staff contact: David Branham


Posey Copeland, Chair


Committee Members

Charles Buist

Robert Finklea

Greg Gruber

Jamie Guy

W. D. Harrington

Richard Howard

Billy Earl Jordan

Bill Lominick

Lewis Longshore

Harvey McMillan

Charles O'Quinn

Billy Rivers

Jim Scott

Reg Williams


Russell Hubright, Advisor

Scott Phillips, Advisor


Staff contact: Woody Dantzler


Rebecca McArthur, Chair

Committee Members

Harriett Belue

Arthur Black

Andy Callaham

Thomas Chappell

Andrew Jackson

Kemp McLeod

Walker Miller

Jerry Watson
Jeremy Cannon

Matt Cornwell, Advisor
Andy Rollins, Advisor


Staff contact: Chalmers Mikell


Chalmers Carr, Chair


Committee Members

M. D. Floyd

Michael Lalich

Angela O'Neal

Kevin Satterwhite
Charles Wingard


Matt Cornwell, Advisor

Staff contact: Cassidy Evans

Land Use

Paul Potts, Chair

Committee Members

Marcus Gerald

Mike Meetze

Walker Miller

Frank Nutt

Frances Price

Christopher Sumpter
Alan Ulmer

L. Foster Girard, Advisor

Staff contact: Cassidy  Evans

Ornamental Horticulture

Helen Legare-Floyd, Chair

Committee Members
Thomas Dailey

Carrie Dalton

Bob Head

Mark Johnson

Ronnie Knight

Renee McGrady

William Salisbury

Ted Wentzky

Suzy Ellison, Advisor

Donna Foster, Advisor
Steven Long, Advisor

Sarah White, Advisor

Staff contact: Chalmers Mikell


Richard Rentz, Chair

Committee Members
Robert Bates

Clark Burrows

Davis Calhoun

Mark Connelly

Les Galloway

Delano Kneece

Brian McClam

James Mole

David Owens

Robert Riley

Andy Rodgers

Heath Squires

Jeff Sweatman

Shane Willoughby

Harry Wimberly
Wes Woodard

Dan Anco, Advisor
Jay Chapin, Advisor
Marianne Copelan, Advisor
Nathan Smith, Advisor

Staff contact: Stan Hilton


John Harris, Chair

Committee Members
Fitzhugh Bethea

Richard Carson

Larry DeHart

Trey Grooms

Ernie Major

Floyd Smith

Boyd Parr, Advisor
Chad Truesdale, Advisor

Staff contact: Woody Dantzler


Ricky Frick, Chair

Committee Members
Ann Crisp

Tim Donald

Wilson Felker

Jamey Fender

Beverly Gerber

Russell Harrelson

Donnie Horton

Steve Miller

Frank Senn

Dayton Shealy
Mitch Tyner

Julie Helm, Advisor

Staff contact: Stan Hilton

Soybeans, Feed Grains and Hay

Bryan Dantzler, Chair

Committee Members
Fitzhugh Bethea

Charles Brigman

Cecil Eaddy

Robert Fleming

Woody Green

Michael Grier

McNiel Hinson

John Long

John Meehan

Pinckney Murray

Robert Pitts

Sam Robertson

Dale Tyler
Charles Whiten

Ben Fallen, Advisor
James Frederick, Advisor
Kathy Fudge, Advisor
David Gunter, Advisor
Laura Lester, Advisor
Christopher Ray, Advisor
Nathan Smith, Advisor

Staff contact: Stan Hilton


Richard Floyd, Chair

Committee Members
Dupree Atkinson

Neal Baxley

Jerry Breland

Jeremy Cannon

Brad Elliott

M. D. Floyd

Michael Grier

Marion Huggins

John Lee Newman

Stephen Squires
Ben Teal

Tre' Coleman, Advisor
Paul Peterson, Advisor
Nathan Smith, Advisor
Matt Smith, Advisor

Staff contact: David Branham


Catherine Porth, Chair

Committee Members

Warren Dixon

Patrick Spencer Evans

Thomas Garrison

Kevin Gowdy

Dickie Kirby

Rebecca McArthur

Adair McKoy

David Richburg

Don Sanders

Larry Taylor

Ted Wentzky

Urbie West
J. E. B. Wilson

Justin Ballew, Advisor

Jack Dantzler, Advisor
Richard Hassell, Advisor
Powell Smith, Advisor

Staff contact: Chalmers Mikell

Water and Natural Resources

Charles Wingard, Chair

Committee Members 

Mark Connelly

Walter Dantzler

John Felder

Wilbur James

Christopher Rawl

Wayne Satterwhite

Raleigh Ward

Lynn Youmans

Bruce Campbell, Advisor
Rob Devlin, Advisor
Joe Gellici, Advisor
Calvin Sawyer, Advisor

Staff contact: Cassidy Evans


Marion Barnes, Chair

Committee Members

Baynard Boykin

Jimmy Capps

Posey Copeland

Johnny Cox

William Fleming

Howard Hiller

Steven Long

Charles O'Quinn

Tony Owens

Phillip Price

Jason Price

Jim Scott
Buddy Wood

Noel Myers, Advisor
Charles Ruth, Advisor

Staff contact: Gary Spires