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We listen to our member's concerns, challenges, and ideas, and we bring those issues to life for lawmakers in SC and DC. We also encourage our members and the larger community to be active participants in all areas of government – through voting, grassroots initiatives, engaging neighbors in conversation, serving on action committees, or serving as an elected official. Here are some of the most pressing issues our members face this year. 

Dams and Reservoirs 

Agriculture ponds are vital tools to the farming operation and added regulations would put a severe strain on farmers.

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Agriculture Water Use

We all know crops need water to grow. Sound science should guide water policy decision making so our farms can flourish today and in the future.

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Legislative Priorities 

Ag Touches Everyone

Agribusiness is South Carolina's largest economic sector, contributing nearly $42 billion and over 200,000 jobs to the state's economy.

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Friends of Farm Bureau

Work with us to promote pro-ag candidates for the South Carolina General Assembly.

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