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Friends of Farm Bureau

State PAC

The Friends of Farm Bureau PAC, established in 2000, is a non-partisan committee that raises funds to support candidates who support agriculture in South Carolina and South Carolina Farm Bureau legislative priorities.

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With a strong presence throughout the state and through the grassroots efforts of our members, the S.C. Farm Bureau has made a difference at the State House.

What is the Friends of Farm Bureau Political Action Committee?

As the voice of agriculture, the S.C. Farm Bureau Federation members authorized, through its voting delegates, the creation of a state Political Action Committee, in order to advocate on behalf of our members to make sure lawmakers understood the impact of their decisions when enacting legislation affecting farmers in South Carolina.

The Friends of Farm Bureau PAC enables our members to support legislators who align with the legislative priorities of the S.C. Farm Bureau.  We are one of the strongest agricultural grassroots organizations in the state and the PAC helps us to have a strong voice in the legislative process. 

Without financial support from our members, we cannot support those legislative leaders that support us!  We must be part of the legislative process or let others decide our fate. To ensure our farmers continue to have a strong presence in legislative activities, our members must be involved in the political process.

One voice in the political process can only go so far, but collectively the voice of the Friends of Farm Bureau PAC can be loud and strong! 

For more information or to make credit card payments, please contact Eric Seymour at (803) 936-4676 or eseymour@scfb.org.

Federal PAC Logo

Federal PAC

The South Carolina Farm Bureau Federation PAC was established in 2016, is a non-partisan committee that gives South Carolina Farm Bureau and its members a stronger voice in Washington and opens a line of communication with our Congressional leaders about agricultural issues important to South Carolina.

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Without our presence in Washington D.C., the voice of our members and those who make farming a way of life, would be not be heard – leaving others to decide our fate.

What is the South Carolina Farm Bureau Federation Political Action Committee?

The voting delegates of the South Carolina Farm Bureau Federation decided at their annual meeting in December 2016, to form the South Carolina Farm Bureau Federation PAC (SCFBF PAC) in order to ensure our members and the farming community of South Carolina had a voice in Washington.

The PAC was established to raise funds and provide support to candidates of any party affiliation, running for office in the U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate and President. And, it is the most effective tool to give you the opportunity to express your concerns and ideas to elected officials. 

You may ask, “Why should I get involved?" Without the support of our members and the grassroots initiatives of South Carolina Farm Bureau, our representatives in Washington wouldn’t hear how we need their support for legislation that directly affect South Carolina farmers. In the recent past, this was critical in securing financial aid for farmers, following the natural disaster that struck our state.

Thousands of interest groups are being represented in Washington. Raising funds for the PAC gives us the ability to send a strong message to legislators in our nation’s capital that we want them to support issues that favorably impact rural families of South Carolina and our nation. 

It’s more important than ever for you to be part of the solution. 

For more information about the South Carolina Farm Bureau Federation PAC or to make a credit card payment, please contact the Assistant Treasurer for the PAC at (803) 936-4676 or eseymour@scfb.org.