Young Farmer & Rancher Program


Farmers, ranchers, agribusiness professionals and ag-enthusiasts who are SC Farm Bureau members between the ages of 18-35 years old.



In this agricultural leadership development program, participants become a part of an active grassroots network that promotes agricultural interests in South Carolina and seeks to optimize the lives of those involved in agriculture. The three pillars of the SCFB YF&R Program are 1) networking 2) legislative advocacy and 3) community outreach.



The future of a safe, abundant and affordable domestically produced food supply rests in the hands of young farmers who plan to till the soil, care for livestock, and work in ag-support industries for decades to come. Agribusiness is South Carolina's largest economic sector contributing nearly $42 billion and over 200,000 jobs to the state's economy. SCFB Young Farmers and Ranchers are the lifeblood of this vital industry. With less farmers and less farmland in the United States, it is critical that all involved come together to create a unified voice for agriculture that will propell this industry into the future.



LINK UP! Become a member at

TEAM UP! Connect with other YF&R members in your county, district, state and nation.

STEP UP! If there is an issues facing agriculture in your community or if you know of ways to promote agriculture locally, you can work with your local YF&R network and County Board to make a difference in your community.

SHOW UP! Actively participate in Farm Bureau, your community, your government and other Ag organizations.

SPEAK UP! SC Farm Bureau Federation is the Voice of Agriculture in South Carolina. In the YF&R Program, you have the opportunity to advocate for agriculture through legislative advocacy, policy development, community involvement and youth & consumer education.



YF&R Achievement Award : For individuals or married couples actively engaged in farming and/or ranching, with the majority of his/her/their income coming from production agriculture.

YF&R Excellence in Agriculture Award : For individuals or married couples who do not derive the majority of their income from an owned production agriculture operation. This award is great for part-time farmers or agriculturalists. 

YF&R Discussion Meet : The SCFB YF&R Discussion Meet is an annual competitive leadership development opportunity for YF&R members who take interest in discussing pressing agricultural issues.

County Activity Questionnaire : The County Activity Award recognizes county YF&R programs that have active member involvement and outreach.

Learn to Farm Mini-Grant for Teachers : The mini-grant program provides a $500 mini-grant to a school in each of the four South Carolina Farm Bureau districts for teachers who qualify through an application process.

Harvest for All : The Harvest for All program recognizes YF&R's who work together on an organized project to support local food charities.

Clemson Collegiate Discussion Meet : The Collegiate Discussion Meet is an annual competitive leadership development opportunity for college students attending Clemson University who take interest in discussing pressing agricultural issues.

High School Discussion Meet : The High School Discussion Meet is a competition designed to build these crucial skills in young, active leaders in agriculture on the high school level.


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SC Farm Bureau is a grassroots membership organization that exists to promote agricultural interests in the state of South Carolina. If you want to join, connect with your county Farm Bureau, or find additional information about how to connect and get involved, please visit 

For more information about the SC Farm Bureau Young Farmers & Ranchers Program or to inquire about becoming a sponsor, contact Jessica Cabrera at 803-936-4244 or