Farming Is Risky Business

Author's Name: Stewart Truelsen

Author's Organization or Publication: Food & Ag Freelance Writer

Noma, one of the world’s best restaurants known for its new Nordic cuisine, will close at the end of next year and reopen on a different site in Copenhagen as an urban farm. Chef René Redzepi says he...more

A Recent Visit to Washington, D.C. with SCFB

Author's Name: Loni Rikard

Author's Organization or Publication: SCFB Member and Family Farmer

Recently, I had the opportunity to travel to Washington, DC with Marshall Thomas of the SCFB Government Relations Division and Urbie West of Pickney’s Produce in Beaufort. The purpose of our trip was...more

Harvest Safety Tips from the Pros

Whether you’ve been harvesting for a lifetime, or 2015 marks your first time in the combine, remember: Safety first. “You’ve spent an entire year getting your crop from planting to harvest. Naturally...more

Ag Technology on the Rise in Rural America

Author's Name: Jessica Wharton

Author's Organization or Publication: AFBF Communications

Farmers and ranchers today have access to new agriculture technologies that were once simply a sci-fi dream—drones soaring across corn fields, genetically modified crops growing with fewer pesticides...more

Impending Deadline Could Stop Rail Shipments in Their Tracks

Author's Name: Erin Anthony

Author's Organization or Publication: AFBF Editor

Spring planting may seem quite far off, but farmers are already looking ahead with a wary eye on something that may derail all their plans—a nationwide railroad shutdown. Unable to comply with the...more

Women in Agriculture Make a Difference

Author's Name: Cyndie Shearing

Author's Organization or Publication: AFBF Communications

The contributions, cares and concerns of women in agriculture are chronicled in a variety of ways, including on social media using the hashtag #WomeninAg. Followers of #WomeninAg recently learned...more

It's Not All Local

Author's Name: Katie Sawyer

Author's Organization or Publication: Kansas Family Farmer

When I tell people my husband farms and raises cattle for a living, I am rarely met with disdain or insults. Most people genuinely appreciate the long hours and hard work that goes into putting food...more