Working Towards a Common Goal for Ag Education

Author's Name: Julie Tesch

Author's Organization or Publication: American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture

Throughout the agricultural community, we are regularly looking for ways to help America’s youth better understand agriculture. But we all have busy schedules, and many people may think it is...more

EPA's New Water Rule Is Even Worse than Farmers Feared

Author's Name: Bob Stallman

Author's Organization or Publication: AFBF President

The Environmental Protection Agency finally released its new “clean water” rule and actually managed to make it worse than we expected. Despite an unprecedented marketing campaign by EPA, the...more

Invest in the Right Tools for Safety

Author's Name: Grainger

Invest in the Right Tools for Safety Observed annually in June, National Safety Month focuses attention on reducing the leading causes of injury and death at work, on the road and in our homes and...more

Small Businesses Can Reap Big Rewards

Author's Name: Jessica Wharton

Author's Organization or Publication: AFBF Communication

The American Farm Bureau Federation is now accepting applications for the 2016 Farm Bureau Rural Entrepreneurship Challenge, the first national business competition focused exclusively on rural...more

Hit the 'Easy Button' With #WomeninAg

Author's Name: Cyndie Shearing Sirekis

Author's Organization or Publication: AFBF Communication

For those inclined toward social media, especially Twitter, hashtags are the “easy button” for finding posts and resources on a particular topic of interest. #WomeninAg is a relatively new, and...more

Fundamental Shift in Federal Endangered Species Management Required

Author's Name: Ryan Yates

Author's Organization or Publication: AFBF Congressional Relations

For more than 40 years, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has been tasked with the protection of plants and animals facing the threat of population decline, habitat loss and extinction. As the...more

Don't Be 'Cowed'

Author's Name: Stewart Truelsen

Husband and wife environmentalists Denis Hayes and Gail Boyer Hayes take to bashing beef and dairy in their new book “Cowed.” Published this year, it attacks animal agriculture on multiple fronts—...more

Farmers Get a Move On for GMOs

Author's Name: Kari Barbic

Author's Organization or Publication: AFBF Media Specialist

When it comes to GMOs, there’s no shortage of misinformation. For too long, activists armed with non-scientific rhetoric have led the debate. With a rising number of companies like Chipotle trying to...more

Agriculture: Sustaining Future Generations

Author's Name: Theresa Seibel

My earliest engagement in agriculture was at age one-and-a-half, playing in a hayfield as it was being converted into a commercial vineyard. My parents aspired to diversify our farm in anticipation...more