Answering Tough Ag Questions

Author's Name: Cyndie Sirekis

Author's Organization or Publication: American Farm Bureau Federation

Through social media, America’s farmers and ranchers explain why they do certain things when raising animals for food. This communication is not just one way. Facebook posts from the farm, tweets...more

The Ag Economy Needs Full Immigration Reform

Much of the country is thawing out from a long winter. Farmers are making plans for the coming season, and in some regions crops are already in bloom. A big question for many farmers is whether they’...more

The Fear of Running Out of Farmers

Author's Name: Stewart Truelsen

A demographic study of farming and ranching in Wyoming forecasts there will be no operators under the age of 35 by the year 2033. The study in Rangelands, a publication of the Society for Range...more

Data-Driven Economy: Communicating Across Borders

Author's Name: Matthew Erickson

Author's Organization or Publication: AFBF Economist

Data is everywhere. It drives decisions, enhances creativity and generates wealth. It’s a language derived from actions, choices and simple ideas. Think about it for a second. From tracking your...more

Farmers' Efforts Put Agriculture a Few Steps Ahead for 2015

Author's Name: Erin Anthony

Author's Organization or Publication: American Farm Bureau Federation

Weather. Input costs. Commodity prices. From planning to harvesting, there’s plenty that’s out of farmers’ and ranchers’ control. Perhaps that’s why when they have the chance to hold sway, they go...more

Young American Farmers Brim with Optimism

Author's Name: President Bob Stallman

Author's Organization or Publication: American Farm Bureau Federation

Each year, the American Farm Bureau Federation surveys about 1,000 young farmers and ranchers from across the country. The 22nd annual survey found that 91 percent of young people in agriculture are...more

A Second Tour of Duty for Veterans

Author's Name: Jessica Wharton

Author's Organization or Publication: American Farm Bureau Federation

As America honors and remembers those who served our nation in the armed forces this Veterans Day, they can also support veterans by buying food and farm products with the Homegrown By Heroes label...more

Family Farmers Do More Than Feed the World

Author's Name: Tom Vilsack

Author's Organization or Publication: United States Secretary of Agriculture

The headlines today can often seem bleak: worries of terrorism, global health, climate change, drought and hunger dominate the news cycle. These are extraordinarily complex and challenging issues...more

Agriculture Continues to Adapt to Changing Times

Author's Name: Bob Young

Author's Organization or Publication: AFBF

The din surrounding the climate change issue is up and down about as much as the weather itself. Some days the volume is cranked way up, with hundreds of thousands storming the streets of New York...more