Benefits of S. 107

 S. 107 will provide direction to DHEC to continue to focus on dams that pose the most risk. This is consistent with the current Joint Resolution, which passed unanimously, directing the Dam Safety Program to focus on high and significant hazard dams

DHEC currently maintains an inventory of regulated dams in the code red notification system and will continue to include them for high rain events. DHEC notifies all dam owners of high rain events through timely and informative press releases, giving dam owners time to take precautions as needed (i.e. lowering water levels and clearing emergency spillways).

Many dams are facing reclassification due to downstream development in an inundation zone despite the dam having been there for years. As South Carolina continues to grow, urban development in and near rural, agricultural areas leaves dam owners with potentially expensive modifications to their dams. This refundable tax credit will ease this financial burden, and help keep South Carolinians safe, by providing a one-time refundable tax credit for repairs and modifications made as result of a DHEC reclassification of a dam.