Policy & Legislation

Since 1944, the South Carolina Farm Bureau has served as an advocate for agriculture on the state level in the S.C. General Assembly and nationally, in the U.S. Congress. We encourage our members and the larger community to be active participants in all areas of government – through voting, grassroots initiatives, engaging neighbors in conversation, or serving on action committees or in public office. Our Government Relations Division works diligently to execute Farm Bureau policy and support legislation and/or regulations that support farming families. For more information, please contact the SCFB Government Relations Division at 803-936-4215 or by email at bsease@scfb.org.

Grassroots in Action


Legislative Update

Weekly Legislative Update.  During the legislative session we publish a weekly update on our priority issues.

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Legislative Priorities

From maintaining and repairing rural bridges and roads to ensuring farm-friendly taxation, we ensure the needs of the agricultural community are a priority.

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Political Action Committee (PAC)

Together with our committee members, we pool our collective resources to fund campaigns for farm-friendly initiatives, legislation, and candidates.

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Grassroots Participation

Sign up to receive legislative action alerts and be in the know and ready to participate in farm-focused grassroots efforts.

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Legislative Action Center

Your one-stop shop for the information you need on the issues, candidates, legislation, and candidates to make informed decisions.

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Contact Your Elected Officials

Have a voice in the issues that matter most to you – with the people who can effect change.

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