Ag in the Classroom

About Ag in the Classroom

South Carolina’s Ag in the Classroom program is funded by a non-profit 501(c)(3) education foundation sponsored by South Carolina Farm Bureau Federation created to promote awareness and recognition of the importance of the sources of our food and fiber.

Agriculture and related agribusinesses are the number one industry in the United States, and the number one industry in South Carolina generating $41.7 billion annually and 212,000 jobs.

There are three components that form the structure of the Ag in the Classroom program:

Curricula materials

  • Materials are available at no charge to all South Carolina public and private school teachers of grades Kindergarten through eighth.
  • Hands-on, grade-level specific lesson plans address curriculum objective as prescribed by the South Carolina Department of Education.
  • Lesson plans integrate agricultural concepts with core subjects such as mathematics, English/language arts, science and social studies.

Professional development workshops

  • Workshops are offered on state, district, county and individual school levels.
  • Workshop activities utilize the latest in educational theory and teaching methods to familiarize teachers with innovative ways to use the lesson plans with students.
  • Cooperative learning techniques, student learning styles, and critical thinking skill development are examples of instructional methods examined.
  • Participants receive lesson plans, related teaching materials and hands-on experience with agriculture through farm and agribusiness tours.
  • Renewal credits may be available upon completion or required session.

County Farm Bureau Support

County Farm Bureau members, including Women’s Committees, Young Farmer and Rancher Committees, County Boards and members-at-large contribute time and materials to support teacher participation and to encourage student appreciation of food and fiber sources.

NEW! Book of the Month

Sponsored by the SC Farm Bureau Women's Leadership program, Book of the Month is a literacy outreach program for anyone looking for a valid ag-related resource to utilize in a classroom. Every month, a new book will be available for purchase with accompanying activities that are aligned with SC State Standards. Target age groups will vary, however, many of the activities can be adapted for age appropriateness. Books are available for $5 each, while supplies last. Want to guarantee the receipt of a book each month? Subscribe for the year at only $60! Not interested in purchasing the book? Download the activity sheet for FREE!

You probably drink milk at almost every meal. But have you ever wondered where it comes from? Cows eat special feed to make good milk. But after the cow is milked, there are still many steps the milk must go through before it reaches you. This book describes them all. And you'll be surprised to find how many other things you eat and drink come from milk, too. Gail Gibbon's unique style makes this a fascinating book for children and adults alike.


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