Steven Long

Steven works full-time as Clemson Regulatory Assistant Director for Plant Industry and serves on the National Plant Board. He oversees programs including Nursery Industry Inspection, Apiary Movement Inspection, Invasive Species, the Plant Problem Clinic, and an Organic Certification Unit. He received his Bachelors Degree in turfgrass science and his Masters Degree in plant and environmental sciences. Steven lives in Lexington with his wife and two children. They live on a farm where they grow soybeans, corn, and wheat. Steven currently serves as Lexington County Farm Bureau’s Board President.  

As a mentor, he believes he can support in the following: 

  • Finding a balance between full time work with community service and leadership roles  
  • Navigating financial loss and having to start over 
  • Managing large workforce and dealing with personnel situations as a manger  
  • Choosing the correct opportunities for growth and 
  • Entering a family business  


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