Spartanburg County

Office Information

Physical Address: 126 W. Main St., Duncan, SC 29334
Mailing Address: 126 W. Main St., Duncan, SC 29334
P: (864) 472-2014
F: (864) 466-4335
Lead Secretary: Lisa Chiffon
County Dues: $40
Youth Membership Dues: $25

Additional Office

Physical Address: 1412 John B. White Sr. Blvd., Spartanburg SC 29306
P: (864) 587-1717

Scholarship and Grant Information

Fall Application Deadline November 1

Shape the Future of Farming.
Agriculture impacts our economy and our communities. We believe we’re in a position to strengthen it.

The mission of Spartanburg County Farm Bureau is to enhance the economy and the community through agricultural education, awareness, promotion, and outreach.

Spartanburg County Farm Bureau (SCFB) will offer grants and scholarship opportunities totaling up to $20,000. Spartanburg County recognizes its role as a grant-maker that responds to ongoing needs in the agricultural community that focus on education, awareness, promotion, and outreach.

Proposals must clearly provide innovative responses to address the goals of education, awareness, promotion, and outreach in the agriculture community. Projects/programs may benefit a single organization, a collaborative initiative, and/or a system of services that address agriculture issues.

SCFB awards two types of funding: organizational grants and scholarships. The grant cycle occurs once a year in the fall.

All grant and scholarship recipients will be required to submit a mid-year progress report and a final evaluation report online at the end of the one-year funding cycle. You may also be chosen to present your project at the Spartanburg County Annual Meeting held in August.

The evaluation report will include: project status of activities accomplished, both ongoing and completed; evaluation of stated goals and actual results to date; total expenditures for the project; and a list of additional resources leveraged for the project as a result of the funding.



Fall Cycle
Applications Accepted StartingAugust 1
Proposals for Fall Cycle Due    November 1
Awards NotificationJanuary 15
Mid-Year Progress ReportMay 15
Final Evaluation Report DueDecember 15

For questions, contact: Sallie Hambright-Belue

Grant Program Overview

Organizational Grants

This funding type prioritizes organizations and institutions such as schools, 501(c)(3) non-profits, 501(c)(5) non-profits, and/or tax-exempt entities providing services to the residents of Spartanburg County, South Carolina. Certain institutions and organizations located outside of Spartanburg County may be eligible for funding; however, funding is restricted to benefit Spartanburg County only. Organizations that serve multiple counties must clearly show that the funds will remain in Spartanburg County. Except in unusual circumstances, multi-year grants are not considered. Organizations that receive a grant through one of the grant cycles are not eligible to apply for a grant within 12 months.

Spartanburg County gives priority consideration to:

Projects that clearly provide innovative responses to education, awareness, promotion, and outreach in the agriculture community. Projects that promote youth development. Projects that are collaborative in nature, involving two or more organizations. Projects likely to attract support from matching fund arrangements. Projects with a plan for continued funding from other sources.


Sample Application

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Spartanburg County does not provide funding for:

Individual projects except those requesting scholarship and funding for continuing education. Research that is of a non-community nature or that does not have promise of near-term benefits to the citizens of Spartanburg County. Debt reductions, deficits, or previous obligations. Retroactive expenses/activities.

Spartanburg County does not generally provide funding for:

Annual fund campaigns. Annual operating support, other than for start-up purposes. Recurring requests from a grantee for the same purpose for which a Spartanburg County grant has been previously awarded. Endowments. Film projects. Publication of books or reports. Fundraising events, celebrations, or dinners.

  • Projects with appropriate measurement and evaluation tools in place.
  • Projects that promote volunteer participation.

Spartanburg County is inclined to favorably consider :

Projects that affect broad segments of the agriculture community. Projects that demonstrate good planning in light of overall agriculture community needs. Projects for which partial funding is required rather than total funding by the SCFB.


The second type of grant offered awards scholarships to individuals seeking educational opportunities in agriculture related topics. These scholarships can be awarded to students pursuing a degree in agriculture or an agriculture related major at a two-year or four-year institution as well as funds to continue agriculture education at conferences, classes, and seminars. Scholarship recipients are allowed to receive one scholarship within a 12 month period. Spartanburg County Farm Bureau generally provides up to $2000 for tuition assistance at 2 and 4 year institutions

Sample Application

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Spartanburg County Farm Bureau Officers
PresidentCase Chumley
Vice PresidentToby McCall
Secretary-TreasurerToby McCall
State DirectorWendell Brockman
Alternate State DirectorHarriett Belue
Legislative Committee ChairWhitney Farr
Young Farmer & Rancher Committee ChairClay Barnette
Women's Committee ChairTaryn Chumley
Jennifer Harold
Information/Public Relations ChairGinger Bowen
Membership ChairKen Brockman
Piedmont District DirectorThompson Smith