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Each of these lessons includes a lesson plan, SC State Learning Standards and any additional worksheets or materials required for the lesson.

Honey Bees (Grades 3-5)

Purpose: Students will identify the parts of a honey bee, the stages of its life cycle, and its role in pollination.

Lesson plan
Honey Dance activity

Bean Seed Cycle (Grades K-2)

Purpose: This lesson introduces students to how soybeans are grown by farmers, teaches seed anatomy through a seed dissection activity, and illustrates the germination of the soybean plant. 

Lesson Plan
Bean Book
Soybean Cards

Nuts About Peanuts (Grades 3-5)

Purpose: Students label the parts of a peanut plant on a diagram, follow step-by-step instructions to plant a peanut, and use a chart to record the growth of peanut plants.

Lesson Plan
Planting to Harvest Infograph
2017 SC Peanut Stats 
My Peanut Plant Growth Chart
Peanut Plant Activity Sheet
Activity Sheet Key

Fruit and Vegetable Bingo (Grades K-2)

Purpose: Students will recognize the names of different fruits and vegetables and understand why they are important.

Lesson Plan
Bingo Cards
Fruit and Vegetable Cards

Caring for the Land (Grades 3-5)

Purpose: Students will explain why people have different opinions regarding soil management and identify cause and effect relationships relating to agriculture and the environment.

Lesson Plan
Caring for the Land Worksheet
Worksheet Key

Eggology (Grades K-2)

Purpose: Students will identify how the basic needs of a growing chick are met during egg incubation. Activities include identifying and diagramming the parts of an egg and hatching eggs in class.

Lesson Plan
Parts of an Egg Book
Parts of an Egg Activity Sheet
Parts of an Egg Diagram

Give Me Five (Grades 3-5)

Purpose: Students learn about the five food groups and what state-grown foods fit into each group. This lesson makes a local connection to good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

Lesson Plan
Food Group Poem and Puzzle Pieces
Give me Five Worksheet

Who Grew My Soup (K-2)

Purpose: Students will identify the source of the food they eat and investigate the processes and people involved in getting food from the farm to their spoon.

Lesson Plan
Food and Farm Connection Cards
Fact WheelMap

Source Search (K-5)

Purpose: In this lesson students will learn that agriculture provides nearly all of the products we rely on in any given day by participating in a relay where they match an everyday item with its "source."

Lesson Plan
Source Search Cards
Item Reference List
Morning Activities Cards

Investigating Apples (K-2)

Purpose: Students will use their five senses to investigate apples, identify and model the parts of an apple, make homemade applesauce, and learn how apples are grown.

Lesson Plan

Honey Bees are Helpers (K-2)

Purpose: Students will learn about honey bees, how they help farmers, and how they make honey.

Lesson Plan

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