April Showers Bring May Flowers

Lauren Prettyman
SCFB Media Specialist

We all know the saying, April Showers Bring May Flowers, and while some of us have experienced a colder, rainier April than others, warmer weather is on the way! Spring is arriving and one of my favorite signs of this season of growing is the beautiful blooming flowers that can be found in window boxes, sidewalk displays and backyard gardens.

These annual flowers enjoy cool temperatures and a few rain showers, making them perfect to plant in your garden in early spring so that you’ll have a stunning garden all spring long!

  1. Pansy – Pansies prefer cool weather and thanks to their huge variety in color, you can plant them to match any landscape and color scheme you’d like. Pansies are great for adding a cheery touch of color!
  2. Lilac – Lilacs are the scent of spring. They have long been a garden favorite whether in tree or shrub form. Lilacs also have lots of varieties, shapes, sizes and colors for you to choose which best fits in your garden!
  3. Iris – Easily recognizable because of their beautiful flower and sword-like foliage, irises are a gorgeous addition to any spring garden. There is a fun selection of all types of irises. Bonus – they are hardy and great for beginners!
  4. Hyacinth – These pretty spring flowers resemble grape bundles and are often one of the first flowers to be seen colorfully blooming in the early spring. They produce a rich, sweet smell and add class to any garden.
  5. Tulip – Ranging in color and size, tulip’s bright blooms are a sure sign of spring. Their many colors allow for countless artistic promises for all gardeners. They do not like excess soil moisture, so be sure to keep them out of areas of your garden prone to collecting water or flooding.
  6. Hydrangea – Hydrangeas are extremely popular for their big clusters of beautiful blooms that last long throughout the spring. They bring charm and elegance to a garden without requiring too much effort, and they love gentle spring rains.
  7. Azalea – Though their color is not long-lasting, azaleas are another late bloomer to help transition from spring to summer. They are an adaptable flower for beginners and grow more beautiful each year.

Check with your local flower shop to see what they have in store, and read the care instructions that come with your plants to see which flowers need more water and where you should plant them within your garden or yard – happy planting!

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