Deer Herd Management

Last year, lawmakers passed a bill to help landowners and hunters manage a growing deer population in South Carolina. Farmers have been reporting increased levels of depredation of crops by deer, and these changes allow for increased harvest opportunities. 

For the 2019 deer hunting season, the eight date specific antlerless have been eliminated and replaced with two antlerless tags that may be used any day beginning September 15 in Game Zones 2, 3 and 4 and October 1 in Game Zone 1. Hunters will need to purchase three antlered deer tags to be eligible for the antlerless tags.

Additionally, hunters can purchase up to an additional four antlerless tags for $5 each. With the purchase of four tags, South Carolina DNR is offering two bonus antlerless tags at no additional cost.

These changes allow for up to eight antlerless deer to be harvested leading to better deer herd management. Additionally, if you participate in the quota program, it is essential to use all tags issued and to report to SCDNR the number of tags used. We encourage hunters to take advantage of these opportunities to improve the quality of the deer herd in South Carolina while reducing crop loss and other damage as a result of over-population.

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